What is PDX:

PDX is the airport code for Portland, Oregon USA. It’s also a nickname used by Portlanders for their city.

About Portland:

Portland has become a creative center in North America. Many people move here for the creative and relaxed environment. I’m fortunate enough to be a native Portlander, but welcome all who wish to contribute to the vibrance of this beautiful city.

If you like great art, music, dining, coffee, beer & wine in a wonderful urban environment with some of the best that nature has to offer only a few minutes away, then there’s a place in Portland for you here. This is a city of dreamers who make their dreams reality.

Anything is possible here.

Instead of creating a ‘laundry list’ of the wonders of Portland, it’s best to see for yourself.  If you’d like to learn more about this creative, unique and vibrant city, which is Jaymes Williams Fotografi’s home base,  feel free to visit the sampling of websites and videos below.

Travel Portland

Downtown Portland


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 See Portland For Yourself: 


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