The sign at Piazza Del Popolo, which means the people's square.  It is next to the church Santa Maria del Popolo from which it takes its name.  An Egyptian obelisk of Ramesses II from Heliopolis stands in the center of the Piazza.

Street Signs of Rome

Rome has some of the most interesting and historic street signs I have encountered.  They are more than simply directional markers, they are living history and, in a way, observers of history.  This portfolio is a collection of some of the street signs I’ve seen from my various “viaggis” to Rome between 2012 and 2015.  Rome…

Pike Place Public Market - The Pike Place Public Market as seen from Pike and 1st Ave.

Seattle Sojourns

This portfolio is a collection of images from my various sojourns to Seattle between 2003 and 2015.  Seattle is a city of constant change as evidenced by the ongoing development in the Capitol Hill neighborhood,  posters being replaced over time near the Gum Wall in Post Alley, iconic signs being replaced on Pine Street, and the relatively…

Garrity's Battery -- A 12 pound Napoleon cannon assigned to Garrity's Alabama Battery looks down over Chattanooga, Tennessee from Lookout Mountain.  In 1863, this Confederate battery fought the Union Army during the Civil War.  The Union victories in the battles of Chattanooga and Chickamauga opened up the route for Sherman's March and the ultimate end of that terrible war.

Viaggia Vari

This portfolio is a collection of images from my various travels or “Viaggia Vari.”  There are several images from a number of locations.  Places represented in this collection include Munich and Bremen in Germany, Washington DC, Chicago, Chattanooga Tennessee and Austin Texas. Some of these images, along with many others, are available for purchase from the companies…


About Jaymes

ABOUT: Photographer, Artist, Developer, and all-around Technophile, Jaymes Williams is a graduate of Oregon State University, where he earned a BA from the College of Liberal Arts. In addition to constantly having a camera in his hand since the age of 10, he served in the USAF throughout the 1990’s.  During his Air Force years,…

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What is PDX: PDX is the airport code for Portland, Oregon USA. It’s also a nickname used by Portlanders for their city. About Portland: Portland has become a creative center in North America. Many people move here for the creative and relaxed environment. I’m fortunate enough to be a native Portlander, but welcome all who wish…

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